//2019 GMC Sierra is Impressive

2019 GMC Sierra is Impressive

In 2019, the GMC Sierra seems to have at last succeeded in distinguishing itself completely from the related Chevy Silverado model. Although in years past it has been considered that there was little to tell one of these corporate twins apart from the other, 2019 brings with it a redesign for the Sierra that creates a truck model that’s a real individual.

There are particular features that allow this year’s Sierra to stand out so distinctly from previous year models. The following are eight impressive attributes that the Sierra is going to offer in the coming year:

The dent resistance of the cargo box

Constructed from carbon fiber, the cargo box of this truck can stand up to a lot of stress. It won’t dent easily and it will who enormous strength against the elements. It’s also resistant to corrosion. The carbon fiber construction replaces the previous steel panels. Not only is the cargo box of the new model stronger, but GMC has provided figures to show that it’s lighter weight than the previous cargo box design.

Numerous choices for the powertrain

GMC shows with this vehicle that it knows how important powertrain choices are for truck drivers. While those looking for the right work truck can opt for the diesel powertrain, there are also gas powered options including a 2.7 liter 4 cylinder engine option.

All the cargo space availalble

The new GMC Sierra will offer at least 63 cubic feet of cargo space in the smaller of the two bed options. This is more volume than was offered in previous models. With the 2019 Sierra, the width of the bed floor was extended seven inches to allow for added volume.

The tailgate’s innovative design

GMC recognizes the importance of an efficient tailgate in the new Sierra design. This new “MultiPro” tailgate can be configured in different was thanks to its split-folding design. The tailgate can serve as an extension on the bed, or it can also create a stand for work equipment. Another possible function the new tailgate design offers is as a step that makes it easier to get in and out of the cargo bed to load it or carry out work tasks.

The level of safety offered

Safety was clearly a priority when the new GMC Sierra was designed. This Sierra offers impressive safety technology like a rear cross-traffic alert system. Thanks to sensors, this system allows the driver to be instantly notified if there is an obstacle in the path of the vehicle as it is reversing. This can prevent collisions and give drivers better peace of mind and confidence while backing up.

Other safety features in the Sierra include a blind-spot warning, front and rear park assist, and lane-departure notifications.

The rearview camera mirror

Rear visibility can be challenging with a truck. GMC has recognized this by designing an effective rearview mirror that is installed into the new Sierra. The rearview mirror enhances sightlines and allows for an impressively expansive view of what’s going on to the rear while the driver maneuvers the truck.

While previous Sierra designs had a standard rearview mirror included in their design, the newest model will offer a much wider view and will provide helpful visual information that will make it easier to handle complex maneuvers with the vehicle. In combination with the vehicle’s rear cross-traffic alert system, the rearview camera mirror ensures that drivers can confidently avoid collisions from the rear.

Towing technologies offered

Towing is a typically function carried out by a pickup truck. Unfortunately, towing can sometimes be a nerve wracking experience with many trucks. The Sierra makes towing easier in a variety of ways. First off, the Sierra comes along with a trailering app. This app features checklists that helps the driver ensure that he or she has carried out all the necessary steps to make sure a trailer is hooked up safely for towing. The app also makes it possible for drivers to save various profiles for each particular piece of equipment that is hooked up on a regular basis.

The display that prevents distracted driving

The Sierra makes available a “heads-up” display. This display makes it so that the driver does not have to glance down to look at the odometer or any other information provided on the vehicle dashboard.

The Sierra is in fact that first truck model out there that offers the special new “heads-up” design feature. These days, there is a lot of talk about preventing distracted driving to keep roadways safer. The “heads-up” display is a 3″ by 7″ space on the windshield. The driver sees the road and miles-per-hour display at the same time to minimize eye movements necessary for viewing.

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