//How to make the most of your GMC Canyon

How to make the most of your GMC Canyon

Making the most of your GMC Canyon doesn’t have to be a worrisome experience. In fact, it should be an enjoyable and committed one. Usually anything that involves enjoyment entails both awareness and following certain guidelines in order for the end result to be positive, which means knowing the inside and outside of your GMC Canyon like the back of your hand.

Maintaining your Canyon pickup is the way to make the most of it. You want to be able to enjoy its use for work-related tasks or excursions to your favorite places, known and unknown. So, what are the things you can do as a GMC Canyon owner that can help you make the most of your new vehicle?

Know your GMC Canyon’s Capacities

You should know your Canyon’s capacities and limits. Any vehicle owner should understand the capabilities of their particular car or truck. With your GMC Canyon, you want to know:

• that it is a powerful, mid-size pickup
• that the engine is a 3.6 Liter with a V6 engine
• that it has maximum torque
• that it has four (4) wheel anti-lock brakes (disc)
• that it has the same towing ability as any other mid-size truck
• that it has a CornerStep Rear Bumper
• that it is not an off road model
• that it has an estimated fuel economy for a 3.6, V6 (2 WD) of 18 mpg in town and 25 mpg on the highway
• that it is available in a 6-speed manual transmission or 6-speed automatic transmission

Points Concerning Maintenance & Safety of Your GMC Canyon

• Understanding its forward collision alert capacity
• Understanding its lane change warning capacity
• Scheduling maintenance appointments through GMC Protection plans
• Understanding and determining whether there are recalls or any problems that exist with the vehicle (safecar.gov)
• Reading and understanding your vehicle owner’s manual
• Obviously operating your Canyon truck in a safe manner
• Avoiding 4 wheel driving conditions unless your Canyon model has 4WD
• Maintaining proper tire pressure – see owner’s manual or app for manual
• Noting oil change intervals – also see owner’s manual or app for manual
• Following general maintenance checks at proper intervals – also see owner’s manual or app for manual
• Checking windshield wiper and windshield fluid at appropriate intervals
• Making fluid changes (intervals) for both cold and hot seasons
• Checking battery fluid levels
• Cleaning the exterior and interior (of the vehicle on a regular basis) with recommended cleaning products to remove, grime, grease and grit that can pit and damage paint

Available or Already Added Extras for your GMC Canyon Pickup

• Bluetooth connectivity
• Built-in Wi-Fi hotspot6
• USB ports in the front and back of this model
• A 6-way power driver seat (on a few models)
• GMC infotainment system (7″ diagonal Color Touch Screen that coordinates with Infotainment system)
• Front passenger area in-cabin microphone
• High-definition rear vision camera (on some models)
• Ultrasonic rear parking assistance
• Heated steering wheel (on all terrain models and SLT)
• Telematics – a two-way communication system (vehicle’s location finder – GPS, speed control, emergency calling)
• Bucket seats (front) with power seat adjuster and a manual recline, and passenger seat (front and back) seat adjuster with manual recline
• An extended cab with double rear seats and storage underneath the seat (the rear seat is only found in the Extended Cab Canyon)
• A crew Cab with a folding bench seat that also has underseat storage
• Teenage Driver feature (encourages safe teen driving)
• Power windows with driver side ability for up and down movement
• Locking tailgate
• Adjustable folding side/outside mirrors with spotter mirror attachment
• Proper window tinting or extended visors to prevent driving blindness from extreme glare
• Bedliner or spray-in bedliner
• Trailering package (hitch, pin connector, brake controller)
• Blackwall tires and cast aluminum wheels
• Remote Keyless Entry (can be added to Canyon models)
• Remote vehicle starter system ((SLE) can be added to Canyon models)
• EZ Lift

Lasting Indefinitely

A GMC Canyon pickup can last indefinitely when its capabilities and limitations are addressed and recognized by any new owner. Thoroughly reading your owner’s manual and acquainting yourself with the instrument panel of your truck from the very beginning and utilizing what is provided in additional vehicle options can add to making the most of your GMC Canyon.

Understanding the power of your vehicle and harnessing what it can do to make driving, working, and playing more enjoyable are further incentives to make the most of your GMC Canyon. Maybe you don’t want all or any of the added options; however, if you do, familiarize yourself with those options and know and understand what they are and how to use them, which will increase your knowledge of your GMC Canyon even more. Most importantly, remember that following maintenance schedules and understanding how your Canyon works are the keys to making the most of your Canyon pickup.

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