//Reasons to Consider Buying Your Buick in the Fall

Reasons to Consider Buying Your Buick in the Fall

Buying your Buick is easier than ever before. Leases, used-car purchases and new-car incentives keep consumers coming back for different models every few years. A question usually arises, however, in regards to timing. Should you buy a car in the spring, summer, fall or winter? In fact, the answer is the autumn. Learn why this season is perfect for car shopping and finalizing that perfect deal.

Arrival of Newer Models

It’s no secret that car manufacturers are constantly updating their models and shipping them out every year. Historically, the next model year is available in the fall. Dealerships are performing the transfers so that they’re ready for next year’s sales.

However, a mixture of next-year and current-year models on the same lot poses a dilemma. Excited customers want the newest model, so they ignore the current-year model. The dealership ends up with a large volume of new cars that remain in inventory for many weeks or months.

They want to move the current models. Ideally, they should all be sold before the year is out. As a result, buyers have many negotiating options in the fall.

Slowdowns During the Summer

Some consumers may be surprised to hear that car sales tend to be slow during the summer. Industry trends usually point to slow sales in the early months of the year, but summer is a close second when it comes to volume. More people are fixated on vacations and graduations than buying a car.

If you decide to buy a GMC vehicle in the fall, the dealership is ready to listen to your offer. Slow sales in the summer mean that dealers want to move inventory as quickly as possible. Making up those lost numbers becomes a goal. As soon as the end-of-summer promotions wane, head over to the dealer with an attractive offer.

Plentiful Options

You’ve probably heard stories about waiting until December 31st to buy a car. Dealerships want every current model to be sold before the New Year’s festivities ring out. This strategy isn’t wrong, but it does limit your options.

When you have a particular Buick model in mind, buying in the fall is a smart idea. You’ll have many trim levels and colors available for your choosing. Waiting until the winter creates problems because your favorite color may not be in stock.

You’ll still see a great discount on the car when you purchase it in the fall. Balancing discounts and available options is the key.

Prioritizing Finances Before the Holidays

You know how much you want to pay for a car. It’s built into your budget. Buying in the fall gives you a chance to solidify a deal. An exact monthly payment is essentially set into stone.

With this number in mind, you can follow up the purchase with budgeted shopping during the holidays. No one wants to have a huge strain on their finances during the year-end festivities. Completing the car sale in the fall frees up your funds for those smaller gifts. Although your first car payment will probably be due during the holidays, the down payment is an expenditure that’s in the past.

Dealers Motivated to Sell

Dealerships must receive a certain amount of new-car models from the manufacturer in the fall. Their business contract may expire otherwise. If you’re in the market for a Buick, the dealer is motivated to sell any vehicle on the lot.

There are several reasons why dealers are motivated to sell, such as:

• Making room for other inventory on the lot

• Reducing their overall costs

You might ask the dealer about their older stock. Which car has been on the most test drives? These vehicles are usually prime candidates for a steep discount. The dealer doesn’t want to add more miles to the car as test drives. It’s time to sell it at the lowest cost possible.

Month Ends Become More Important

Car dealerships have monthly, quarterly and yearly goals that they try to attain. As a result, every month end is a race to the most volume in sales. Visit a GMC dealer on the last day of the month in fall. Along with being motivated during the autumn season, you’ll also encounter deals that encourage a sale right now. The dealer wants to get the contract signed before midnight so that this sale can be attributed to month end.

Don’t be surprised if the dealer is a lot more open to your suggestions than earlier in the month. They won’t give away a car, but discounting in other ways is possible.

As the leaves start to fall, be mindful of your spending habits. Buying a car requires good to excellent credit when you need to finance it. Be responsible with your money so that car sales are easy to come by. That dream car isn’t far away now.

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