//Benefits to Having Your GMC Serviced at a Dealership

Benefits to Having Your GMC Serviced at a Dealership

In order to keep your car running reliably, you need to make sure to maintain it as best you possibly can. A well-maintained automobile will last longer, drive more smoothly and be safer in the unlikely event of an accident. The most surefire way to ensure your car’s proper maintenance is to have it serviced at a dealership.


Dealers Have the Right Parts

When you take your car to the dealership, you know that any new parts come straight from the factory. These parts have been designed by General Motors with the idea that they will fit your car exactly as it has been manufactured. While other mechanics may use parts made by third-party vendors or inexpensive Chinese replacement parts, your dealer will have original equipment parts that are built to exact factory specification. These parts are guaranteed to be safe and reliable.

Dealers are Sensitive to Your Budget

Routine service is key to ensuring a long-lasting vehicle, but expending money on unnecessary service can be put a large hole in your wallet . Your dealer will be able to recommend the appropriate service intervals for your vehicle based on your driving habits. Many quick-service oil change places assume all drivers operate under the most severe driving conditions possible and charge their customers accordingly. For most drivers, this is unnecessary. Your dealer can work with you to identify the best solutions within your budget to keep your car on the road as long as possible. Because of their dedicated knowledge of your particular car, they can identify the necessary fluids, change intervals and maintenance needs without leading you to waste money on unnecessary service.


Dealers Have the Right Tools

With so many different makes and models of cars out there, it can be difficult for an independent mechanic to have all the equipment necessary to properly service your vehicle. When you take your car to the dealership, the dealer will have everything necessary to quickly and easily service your vehicle. With the correct tools, you can rest assured that during routine maintenance everything was disassembled and reassembled correctly and your vehicle will not leave you stranded on the side of the road. If something more complex needs to be repaired, the correct tools aid in a quick and accurate diagnosis of the problem.


Dedicated Service Personnel

The technicians and mechanics at your GMC dealer deal exclusively with GMC and closely-related vehicles. This means that they can quickly and easily diagnose common issues and have a detailed understanding of what is necessary to service your particular car. This significantly lessens the likelihood of errors during routine service which can lead to costly repairs down the line. The mechanics at the dealership have an in-depth understanding of your specific vehicle as opposed to mechanics at independent shops that service all makes and models. Every vehicle is different and to guarantee the best service you want to work with a mechanic who has a detailed understanding of your particular car.


Recalls and Service Bulletins

If your vehicle has an outstanding recall or issue, your dealer can fix it free of charge. When you bring your car into the dealership, the VIN is checked against the current recall database and any necessary repairs are completed free of charge. Independent mechanics generally will not perform recall work and will charge you for those repairs if they are necessary. Your dedicated dealership will keep your car up-to-date on recalls at no charge and will advise you of any issues.


Warranty Service

If your vehicle is still covered under warranty, it is easiest and fastest to have the vehicle serviced at the dealership. The dealership will perform warranty work free of charge, where independent mechanics will likely require you to pay for the work up front. When work is performed under warranty at the dealer, you can be confident that you will not accidentally void the warranty with unauthorized work and that your vehicle is being handled with care by the most qualified mechanics around.


Quality of work

When you take your vehicle to a dealer, you can rest assured that your vehicle is being serviced by the most qualified mechanics around. Dealers are held to the manufacturer’s service standards for quality and satisfaction. If you are unhappy with the service you have received, the dealer will work with you to ensure your total satisfaction.


Whether your vehicle is new or old, come to your GMC dealer for service. The experts at the dealership will ensure your car is serviced carefully and correctly so that it will safely and reliably stay on the road for years to come. With dedicated knowledge of your car’s needs, the dealer can work with you and your budget to make for a great service experience.

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