//Understand the Advantages of Investing in a Pre-Owned Buick

Understand the Advantages of Investing in a Pre-Owned Buick

It’s time to replace the family vehicle and that means you need to make a choice. Will you start looking at new cars or consider purchasing a certified preowned Buick instead? There’s a lot to be said for going with a used vehicle. Here are some of the advantages to consider when investing in a pre-owned Buick.

1. You Don’t Have to Deal With New Car Depreciation

Most vehicles, outside of makes and models that become collector’s items, will lose value over time. When it comes to your typical new vehicle, expect a significant loss of market value within the first two years of ownership. The old story about a new car losing half its value when you drive it off the lot may be a little extreme, but there is a grain of truth to the general idea.

By contrast, that used Buick you are looking at is less likely to lose much value over the next several years. This part of the deal is already done. Depending on the popularity of the year and model, it may even hold its value for some time. That means when you are ready to sell it five or so years down the road, you may recoup most of the price you paid.

2. Used Vehicles are Reliable

The nice thing about certified preowned vehicles is that they’re inspected and refurbished so they are similar in quality to new vehicles. In some ways, they may even be superior. All of the little issues with the engine, brakes, transmission, and other key elements have been worked out by now.

You’ve likely known someone who purchased a new car and it ended up spending most of the first year in the shop. While the warranty covered parts replacement and other expenses, finding other ways to get around is tiresome. By choosing to buy a used vehicle that is guaranteed to be sound and will not leave you stranded by the side of the road, you’ll spend more time getting where you want to go and less time watching your vehicle getting towed to a repair shop.

3. You Get Features That You Want Without Paying Extra

New vehicles come with some wonderful features today. Unfortunately, some of them are not to your liking. Even so, they drive up the purchase price. To make things even more frustrating, features that used to be standard and that you want are no longer available. A basic AM/FM radio with a CD player is increasingly hard to get as standard equipment with new vehicles. Since you really aren’t interested in satellite radio and would love to play your CDs while on the way to work, buying a new car means paying to have a player and basic radio installed.

If you check out a preowned Buick that’s five or more years old, there’s a good chance that a great sound system capable of picking up over the air radio signals and allowing you to enjoy your CDs will be part of the deal. Best of all, there’s no monthly fee to enjoy your music or listen to your favorite radio host.

4. A More Affordable Option

There’s no doubt that a used Buick is kinder to your budget. The purchase price itself will be less than buying a new vehicle. Many of the dealer charges and fees applied to new cars will not be assessed on a used one. Even if you plan on financing the purchase rather than paying cash, expect the car loan to come with lower monthly payments and only last two or three years. Compare that to being saddled with a car loan that takes five to six years to pay in full.

Remember that a shorter loan term also means you end up paying less in interest charges. This indirect savings also allows you to keep more money in your pocket. Best of all, you may be able to pay less for the vehicle and still enjoy excellent fuel efficiency, something that makes the deal even sweeter.

5. You’ll Save on Auto Insurance Too

The actual purchase is not the only way you save money by going with a preowned Buick. Compare the cost of auto insurance for a new car with the expense of insuring a used one. You’ll find that the used vehicle will save you quite a bit of money over the course of a year, and the coverage will be just as good.

If you will be looking for another car anytime soon, take the time to learn what a used Buick could do for you. Compare the features, pricing, reliability, and the cost of ownership. There’s a good chance that you’ll agree that investing in a high-quality used vehicle is the right choice for you.

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