//Tips for Making the Most of a Road Trip in your Buick Enclave

Tips for Making the Most of a Road Trip in your Buick Enclave

Going on a road trip can be an exciting adventure that family, friends and couples often look forward to for weeks. Exciting places that you have never seen before, doing adrenaline-rushing activities and appreciating the natural beauty of the world are all great reasons to embark on a road trip, especially if you are the proud owner of a Buick Enclave. Whether you are traveling across the state, the country or even to another one in your SUVs/Crossovers, there are plenty of reasons to get behind the wheel and start out on a road trip very soon.

While most road trips are fun, sometimes life’s circumstances may require you to take a road trip. For example, you may be moving to a new area and need to get the vehicle there. You may also need to go see your family living far away. Your business may demand that you go to a workshop or training located miles away from your current location.
Regardless of whether you are traveling for fun or out of necessity, following these five simple road trip tips will ensure that you have an awesome experience.

Tip 1: Do not Overschedule

While Google Maps may tell you that you can get from point A to B in your Buick in X amount of time, they are not counting on any potty stops or any snack stops. Therefore, always plan at least an extra 15 minutes for every hour that you expect it to take you to get there. One of the reasons that this is vital is that it will make any traffic delays much less frustrating. If you must go through a major city in your Enclave, then consider timing your trip to miss rush hours.

While wanting to plot out where you should be at a certain hour is natural, that often adds to the stress of a road trip. Make sure to plan even more time to get-off-the-beaten path to explore. After all, you never know when you will pass this way again, so take advantage of these opportunities to see amazing sites while you are close by.

Tip 2: Plan Longer Stops

While you will want to leave some flexibility in your schedule to stop and see the things that amaze you along the way, you will still want to plan for longer stops like where you will stay overnight. Take advantage of this planning to find interesting places to stay. Setting these destination stops will give structure to your trip so that you do not drive around aimlessly for a week. Additionally, tell a trusted friend or family member who is not going on your trip about these stops so that people know where to start looking if there is an emergency.

Tip 3: Maintain Your Vehicle Before You Leave

Take a look at your oil change date and see if it will come due while you are on your road trip. If so, then see SUVs/crossovers dealers before you leave. Their safety check may help spot problems before they occur on your road trip. Then, get your car cleaned. While the kid’s hamburger wrapper from after the ballgame and last month’s business receipt that you forgot to turn in may not bother you now, they probably will after you have stared at them for eight hours. Getting the grime off and adding a pleasant scent will allow everyone to enjoy your road trip better.

4. Plan Activities

You may get bored after the first 100 miles or so. Therefore, make sure to bring along games that can be played on the entertainment system. Do not leave home without your favorite listening list uploaded. Make sure to include some songs that everyone will enjoy singing along too. Make a list of car games to play like I Spy, 21 Questions and the Alphabet Game. A road trip is a great time to put down the electronics and interact with each other. Give everyone a role such as a driver, navigator or car cleaner. Even the oldest and the youngest member of the family should have an assigned role.

5. Rest

While it can be hard to get a good night’s sleep while you are away from home, try your best to get eight hours of sleep every night. If you find yourself getting drowsy while driving, then make sure to pull over. You can either stretch or let someone else drive for a while. Getting out of your vehicle for even a few minutes and walking around at a rest area can help wake you back up. Bring along fresh fruit and plenty of water to keep your body well nourished. Of course, make sure to never drink and drive. It is far better to arrive at your destination a little late than not at all, so take your time and enjoy the scenery.

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