//Service Intervals for Your GMC Truck

Service Intervals for Your GMC Truck

In order to keep your vehicle on the road as long as possible, it is highly recommended that you follow the service intervals for your GMC truck. The recommended service intervals can be found in your owner’s manual. Your dealer can also help you to understand these when it performs service on your vehicle. Paying attention to the recommended service intervals and performing maintenance as necessary will ensure that your car is safe and reliable for many years to come.


What is a service interval?

When your vehicle was designed by GMC, the engineers who developed the engine and drivetrain determined that in order to keep your vehicle running well for an extended period of time, certain items would need to be changed or replaced every once in a while. These include routine wear items such as oil, transmission fluid, brakes, air filter, the fuel injection system, the cooling system, the differential fluid and more. When your vehicle comes in for service, these critical components are inspected and/or replaced at a time specified by the service interval. Different components can have significantly different service intervals – for instance, the life of your motor oil is likely to be significantly less than the life of your transmission fluid, so following the intervals for each component maximizes efficiency.


Benefits of following the service interval

Saves money – While nobody likes going to the dealer and spending money for service upfront, this can save a lot of money in the long run. Over the lifetime of your vehicle, you will save a lot of money by maintaining your car at the recommended service interval. When your vehicle has been well-maintained, the likelihood of an expensive failure is much less if you change fluids and perform other regular maintenance at the recommended intervals. In many cases, the recommended service intervals may also be more generous than conventional wisdom. For instance, if your GMC Truck is equipped with an oil life monitor, it may recommend oil changes less frequently than the 3,000 mile interval that was long assumed to be necessary for cars. In this case, following recommended service intervals can save you money on maintenance by helping you to avoid unnecessary and costly repairs.


Keeps your car running efficiently – When your vehicle is serviced regularly it will run as efficiently as possible. This means your car will have better gas mileage, accelerate and brake faster and pollute less. A regularly-serviced engine is likely to drive more smoothly and quietly while maintaining its ability to perform at a high level. As a GMC Truck owner, you expect that your vehicle will be able to easily tow heavy trailers and haul your family around in comfort. Servicing your vehicle regularly will help to ensure that continues to happen for many years to come.


Keeps your car running safely – Nobody ever wants to break down on the side of the road or be faced with unexpected expenses when traveling. By following recommended service intervals, you are ensuring that your vehicle will not put you in danger or leave you stranded on the side of the road. Regular service intervals recommend the inspection of braking components and suspension components with replacement as necessary. Following the recommended service intervals ensures, among other things, that your radiator is in good condition and that your car will not overheat and leave you in a costly bind on the side of the road.


Enhances resale value – When it comes time to sell your GMC Truck, you want to receive top dollar in sale or trade-in. If you can provide thorough documentation indicating that you’ve serviced the vehicle regularly and at recommended intervals, potential buyers will clearly see that you have taken care of the car and that they can expect many more years of reliable operation from the vehicle. With this knowledge, they will be willing to pay more for your car.


What happens if you ignore the recommended service intervals?

Ignoring GMC’s recommended service intervals is a bad idea. For instance, if you do not change your car’s motor oil for an extended period of time after the recommended service interval, it is possible that your engine will seize and your car will no longer be drivable. While it can be okay to exceed recommended service intervals by a small amount, you should head to your dealer for service as soon as possible after your vehicle hits its recommended intervals to ensure that your GMC continues to drive safely and reliably. Service intervals are designed to occur at round numbers of miles, such as 5,000 or 20,000. This makes it very easy to stay on top of maintenance – just take it in every 10,000 miles or as recommended and your vehicle will stay in top shape.


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