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Tips To Maintain The Value Of Your Buick

When the average person buys a Buick or any other automobile, it’s a big investment. One that holds great value. Unfortunately, as soon as the vehicle leaves the dealership, its value drops by as much as 50%. And the vehicle’s value continues to depreciate. If it isn’t taken care of properly, the vehicle’s value can fall precipitously within a few years after it’s purchased. Things like lots of wear and tear and excessive mileage can cause the automobile’s resale value to plummet. Fortunately, there are a number of things car owners can do to help their vehicles to better retain its value. Here are tips to maintain your Buick.

1. Keep The Vehicle Clean

Keeping your car clean inside and out is an important step in helping it to maintain its value. You should wash the outside of the vehicle at least once each month. This helps prevent dirt, tree sap and other debris from doing damage to the paint. Waxing the automobile two or more times a year also helps protect the car’s exterior from scratches and other types of minor surface damage. Keeping the vehicle’s interior clean is also important. Having the interior professionally cleaned at least once a year can remove stains and odors and help the vehicle retain more of its value.

2. Don’t Smoke In The Car

The smell of cigarette smoke clings to the seats, floor mats, dashboard, vents and all the other surfaces in the vehicle. Even if you have the interior professionally cleaned regularly, it’s near impossible to get rid of the smell completely. Using fragrances to attempt to mask the smell of smoke doesn’t work either. Instead, the interior of the vehicle will simply smell like a mixture of cigarette smoke and pine and the car will lose more of its value.

3. Don’t Eat And Drink In Your Vehicle

Eating and drinking in your car invariably leads to spills and stains. This is a sure way to depreciate the value of your Buick. Stains on the upholstery is a major turn off for buyers and coffee and ketchup stains are almost impossible for even professionals to remove. Food smells can also seep into the fabric and drippings from ice cream, popsicles and fast food crumbs can combine to make the interior of an automobile look rough and hurt its resale value. Avoid these things if you want your vehicle to retain as much value as possible.

4. Drive The Car Gently

Jack-rabbit starts, harsh acceleration, sudden jerky stops, reckless cornering and other types of rough driving make the parts of an automobile deteriorate faster. Add sloppy, careless parking and your vehicle will soon have dents, scrapes, scratches, chipped paint and tire damage and be in bad condition. If you want your car’s resale value to remain as high as possible, you should avoid this type of careless driving like the plague.

5. Follow The Proper Maintenance Schedule

Following your Buick’s recommended maintenance schedule is an essential step in helping to maintain its value. Even cars that are in great condition have a much lower value if they haven’t received regularly scheduled tune-ups. Automobile manufacturers provide recommended maintenance schedules so routine service will be performed on the vehicle at specific mileage intervals and keep it in optimal condition. Being able to prove to potential buyers you’ve followed the proper maintenance schedule makes your car worth more.

6. Keep Your Vehicle’s Service Records

Having proof you have been servicing your vehicle at the appropriate times and with the right parts and equipment is an important part of keeping its resale value high. When you’re in the process of selling your vehicle and you have official receipts showing when and where you had maintenance services performed and what was done at what mileage intervals, you can sell it for a higher price. Those service records prove you have taken good care of your car and it is in good condition. Simply create a file, scan receipts onto your computer or keep digital records after each service appointment.

Protect Your Investment

Think of your car as an investment. If you handle it properly, you can reap dividends from it in the long-term. While there is nothing you can do to prevent your vehicle from depreciating, being mindful of how you maintain, protect and care for it can go a long way towards helping to keep its worth as high as possible should you decide to sell it or trade it in. Store the car in a garage, wash its undercarriage, fenders and quarter panels to prevent rust, use floor mats, avoid driving excessive miles and putting unnecessary wear and tear on your vehicle and have all service done certified mechanic. Plus, keeping your Buick’s exterior looking good will increase its curb appeal and help it to maintain its value.

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