//What Are the Best Apps to Help You Maintain Your GMC Canyon

What Are the Best Apps to Help You Maintain Your GMC Canyon

It can be difficult to keep track of everything you’re supposed to do for your car, but that’s just what car maintenance apps are for. Like any other aspect of your personal life, maintenance apps can keep track of vital information about your car, including its performance, mileage, and fuel economy. Depending on what app you get, you can also keep track of past service records and get reminders about when your car is due for service next. If you want to stay one step ahead of your car’s maintenance, here are the top apps to help you maintain your GMC Canyon.

Garmin Mechanic

If you’re familiar with Garmin’s products, you know that they are heavily focused on technology and stats. Therefore, the Garmin Mechanic has a comprehensive screen that visually displays critical information about your GMC Canyon, including your speed, driving time, fuel economy, braking information, and engine RPMs. Keeping track of this information helps you become familiar with your car’s technical components, and it is also useful as an indicator of potential problems. This app is compatible with Android devices, and it can be downloaded at no extra charge.


Once you plug all your car’s basic information into this app, it will provide specific calculations just for your GMC. It has a storage capacity for multiple vehicles, which makes it a popular choice for households with more than one car. Each car gets its own profile in the app. Along with storing vital car performance information, the app lets you input information about trips to the repair shop or gas stations, including storing virtual receipts. The app can be downloaded for free, but you can upgrade for a small fee to get some extra features like multiple languages and the ability to back-up, recover, and export data.

Mobile Mechanic

Mobile Mechanic is a good app if you have even a little bit of knowledge about car maintenance and repairs, such as knowing how to check the oil and watch for signs that a part is going bad. This app is a great educational tool, as it provides some troubleshooting information by letting you input your car’s symptoms and providing feedback about what the problem might be. Ultimately, you learn more about your GMC Canyon while saving money by avoiding expensive and unnecessary repairs. This app is compatible with Android.

Car Minder Plus

Available for iOS, Car Minder Plus acts as your personal assistant when it comes to car maintenance and service. You can store logs of past visits to the mechanic in Car Minder Plus, which then allows the app to keep track (and send you reminders) of upcoming maintenance. To get started, you just need to input the maintenance schedule provided in your owner’s manual. The app then goes off of that maintenance schedule to let you know when your GMC Canyon needs service next, and what kind of service it needs. You can store multiple vehicles on this app for convenience.


Made by Apple, AUTOSist is a popular, comprehensive car maintenance app. With this one app program, which can be used on both your iPhone and iPad, you will get real-time data on your car’s performance, such as its fuel economy, driving distance, and speed. This app lets you upload receipts from visits to the mechanic’s shop and the gas station. You can find out how much you have spent on gas and repairs for your GMC over the course of its lifetime, and also keep track of changes in prices for both gasoline and car parts. With this information plugged into your app, you’ll also be able to find out what kind of service your car is due for next. The app tracks information for multiple vehicles. Each driver can choose to share their car’s information with others, including appointment reminders, to ensure that an appointment doesn’t get missed.

Repair Pal

Eventually, your car is going to need to have repairs of some kind, and an app like Repair Pal can make life much easier when that happens. Repair Pal is a free app that is compatible with Android and iOS. On your end, you just need to put basic information into the app like what kind of car you drive and what type of repair you’re looking for. The app then uses that information to determine what price you should be paying based on your car’s type, the part that needs work, and your location. This is a good way to narrow down prospective mechanics to call for a quote, or to find out if your favorite local mechanic’s estimates are accurate.

Since there are apps for virtually everything you do, it’s probably not all that surprising that apps now cover car maintenance, too. Along with keeping track of your car’s maintenance history and giving you reminders for future maintenance visits, some apps also have a fuel log and monitor your car’s vitals to detect any changes in performance. Keeping track of car maintenance is notoriously a pain, but these apps make car management much simpler!

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